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There are multiple benefits of undergraduate researchers for the students and faculty involved. Students gain transferrable skills that many graduate schools and companies look for.

  • Faculty are able to work with some of the best College of Liberal Arts & Human Science students.
  • Undergraduate research allows faculty to connect with students in a way they are often not able to in a large classroom setting.
  • Undergraduate research allows both faculty and students to network and keep current in their discipline's literature.
  • Participating in undergraduate research allows faculty members to aid students in contributing to their field while helping the student learn and develop.
  • Undergraduate research shows an institution's committment to undergraduate learning. As David Chapman stated in an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education (Sept. 12, 2003) "The chance for students to conduct research may well be the best measure available of the quality of an institution's undergraduate education."

As a faculty mentor you can work with students on a project of your choosing. Or, you can mentor a student as they work on an independent project. If you are interested in being a faculty mentor for a student who wishes to work independently, please contact us. Be sure to include your name and contact information. A URI staff member will contact you for more information. If you are interested in offering undergraduates the opportunity to work on one of your research projects please click on the Post a Research Opportunity link below.