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Undergraduate Research Conferences & Publishing Opportunities

Undergraduate Conferences:

Conferences: Deadline to Submit:
Date of Conference:
OpenCon 2014 26 September 2014 17-15 Nov 2015
National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2 December 2014 16-18 April 2015
Posters on the Hill 2015 5 November 2014 Spring 2015
Conference on Medieval & Early Modern Studies 7 November 2014 5 December 2014
Meeting in the Middle 26 January 2015 27-28 March 2015
ScholarCon 15 April 2015 25-28 June 2015
Meeting of the Minds 15 Jan 2015 10-12 April 2015
Cultivating Peace: A Virginia Tech Student Research Symposium for Violence Prevention 5 December 2014 6-8 February 2015

Undergraduate Publishing Opportunities:

Undergraduate Journals: Deadline to Submit:
Philologia Undergraduate Research Journal 1 October 2014 Virginia Tech
VT Undergraduate Historical Review 31 January 2015 Virginia Tech
Valley Humanities Review 15 December 2015 Lebanon Valley College
The Hemlock Papers 3 October 2014 University of Idaho
Apollon Undergraduate eJournal Open Multi
Anemoi Journal of Pre-Modern Studies Open New College of Florida
Girl Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Undergraduate Research 30 November 2014 Columbia College
Vexillum: The Undergraduate Journal of Classical & Medieval Studies Open N/A
Dartmouth's Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy Open Dartmouth
URC Undergraduate Research Journal Open N/A
Elon Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Social Sciences Open Elon University
History Matters: An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Matters Open Appalachain State
Foundations: A Journal of History Open John Hopkins University
The Dualist Undergraduate Journal 1 March 2015 Stanford
The Yale Philosophy Review: An Undergraduate Publication 18 December 2014 Yale University
Columbia University Journal of Politics & Society August Columbia University
Critique: A Worldwide Student Journal of Politics Open Illinois State University
Journal of Integrated Social Sciences Open California Lutheran University
Dialogue: Journal of Phi Sigma Tau Open N/A
Xenophile: A Journal ofComparative Literature March 2015 University of Georgia


More conferences can be found at the Council on Undergraduate Research

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Past Undergraduate Research Conferences